About Root Causes Clinic

Root Causes Clinic was created to offer a wider range of Functional Medicine Practitioners to people like you. Our current conventional healthcare system often falls short of finding the root causes of symptoms and silent inflammation, leaving patients with a prescription and not much else. Rather than simply masking symptoms, our practitioners use science based labs and in depth patient health discovery to do a deep dive into what may be triggering a cascade of inflammation in the patient. While many patients may be used to a quick 15 minute meeting with their doctor, our practitioners spend an entire 90 minutes during your initial consultation in order to cover all potential factors.

Sajad Zalzala, M.D. – Founder, Physician, and Innovator

Dr. Zalzala goes beyond his original training to provide excellent care to patients, searching for the underlying causes of symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves. Dr. Zalzala founded Root Causes Clinic in order to merge the functional medicine model with the conventional model of medicine. By merging these two systems, patients are able to spend in-depth time with their practitioners, receiving comprehensive personalized treatment plans while still being able to utilize insurance coverage for appointments, lab work and testing, and prescriptions. Dr. Zalzala took this platform one step further and matches patients with practitioners that specialize in the treatments the need most. By offering this platform online, patients have a wider array of practitioner options to choose from.

Board Certified in Family Medicine and licensed in over 30 states and Ontario, Dr. Zalzala earned his M.D. from Wayne State University. He is a Family Physician at Coral Medical Health Spa in Windsor, ON, as well as being Founder and Medical Director at IBS Genius, CEO and Founder at Root Causes Medical Consultants, and Medical Director at DexaFit.

Jade Arellano – MSACN, Co-Founder and Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Jade takes a holistic, full-body approach to helping you heal, empowering you with the knowledge to achieve full health in both body and mind. Jade began her private practice in order to provide clients with an approach to healing their bodies in a way that they may not otherwise find through conventional medicine. Merging the two with Root Causes Clinic brought forth the ability to offer Functional Medicine Healthcare within a conventional medicine model. Based in nutrition but well rounded with aspects of botanicals, physical movement, and mindfulness, her goal is to give you the knowledge and power to heal your body. 

Jade earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences at the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. She is the Founder and Nutritionist at Balance Holistic Nutrition in Norman, OK, Founder and Herbalist at Prairie Bloom Botanicals, and Co-Host on the Wellness Speaks Podcast. She has taught and practiced hot vinyasa yoga for the last decade, and continues to be involved in her local yoga and holistic health community.