We do not accept insurance directly. However, we will provide you with all of the billing codes necessary for you to provide to your insurance provider in order to be reimbursed as an out of network provider.
Our rates vary from practitioner to practitioner. We offer multiple options in order to find the practitioner whose knowledge, skill set, and pricing suits your needs best.
Just click the “free consult” button on the provider of your choice in order to schedule a 10-minute introductory consultation. During this quick consult, your provider can explain how they are able to best serve you, and then book your initial consultation accordingly.
All of our providers work under the direction of MDs, which allows lab work to be ordered and prescriptions written.
Only you, your provider, and the overseeing MD have access to your information. We keep your information safe by utilizing a HIPAA compliant platform that allows us to share test results, send messages, and perform video conferencing.